The Exercise Of Gratitude

“One great aid–perhaps the greatest aid–in applying your faith you will find in the exercise of gratitude.

Whenever you think of yourself, or of your advancing condition, give thanks to the Great Intelligent Substance for the perfect health you are enjoying.

Remember that, as Swedenborg taught, there is a continual inflow of life from the Supreme, which is received by all created things according to their forms; and by man according to his faith. Health from God is continually being urged upon you; and when you think of this, lift up your mind reverently to Him, and give thanks that you have been led to the Truth and into perfect health of mind and body. Be, all the time, in a grateful frame of mind, and let gratitude be evident in your speech.

Gratitude will help you to own and control your own field of thought.”

Wallace D. Wattles

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This great man Wattles lived the pages of the books he wrote, and that is exemplary! Especially considering the word at hand.

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